Alanna Smith

Lore Keeper | Wiki Manager | Documentation Enthusiast

Co-Founder of DnA Creative
Co-Executive Producer on Future of Play Direct

📍 Toronto, Canada

being the support hero
is what i do best

I'm a production professional driven by a passion for supporting creatives with unique cross-industry expertise and an unmatched enthusiasm to see projects, and the people behind them, succeed.I want art and entertainment from fresh voices to flourish, and to find the folks who need them most.

my work


Lore Management & Wikis

I'm the Co-Founder of DnA Creative, a service company that provides lore management, customized wikis and online presence management for games, film and other media. We use Notion to build comprehensive, easily-accessible, and searchable internal wikis for studios, documenting and cataloguing info into a digital knowledge base that teams can access and reference remotely.

Working with studios of all sizes, we help them invest in their own hard work by prioritizing knowledge management so they can focus on creating. We also help build public wikis on Fandom to foster a community space for fans, as well as offer other support to improve an IP's online legitimacy.

Documenting a variety of games and media throughout development, from action titles to 300,000+ word visual novels
Building and maintaining reliable shared knowledge bases and public wikis for global teams, evolving and adapting to their needs
Preserving institutional knowledge & facilitating remote collaboration


Video & Community

I'm the Co-Executive Producer and Editor of GLITCH's annual Future Of Play Direct, a digital video game showcase that airs during Summer Game Fest. I take part in the curation of games and trailers, coordinate with featured developers and collaborators, and generally manage video production from development to broadcast. I also edit and mix the final show, as well as promotional teasers.

Previously, I was the community manager and video editor at GLITCH, where I co-produced and edited several seasons of our video content focused on game development, managed our YouTube channel, community Discord and Twitter account, and ran the Future Of Play Direct social campaigns.

Co-produced & edited 50+ videos for GLITCH from 2020 onwards
Collaborated with more than 100 game developers across 4 seasons of Future of Play Direct and its Steam event (1M+ viewers)
Maintained an average engagement rate of 3% on Twitter, exceeded follower goals of 6,000 (Twitter), 2,000 (Discord) and 1,000 (YouTube)


Video, music, cosplay, gaming, social media, community - I've brought a variety of skills and contributed to many projects in my 10 years as a creative professional. Here's a look at just a few highlights of my career so far.


Currently I focus my energy into my company DnA Creative, where we've built internal knowledge bases and public wikis with as many as 150 pages of lore for game studios, each carefully customized and optimized.We also make Notion templates catered to creatives of all kinds, to help folks with everything from daily tasks to long-term project management.I genuinely love production and getting information organized - and I excel at it! Combined with a passion for world-building, storytelling and lore, I use every skill at my disposal to give projects their best chance on all fronts.


As an editor, post-production supervisor and producer, I've delivered nearly 600 videos for clients across industries. From branded content and ad campaigns for Google, Mazda, and more; to nationally broadcast feature films and global video game showcases.My specialty is cutting to music - I love a good teaser or hype reel!


I've been cosplaying since 2012, making costumes to bring video game, comic book, television and film characters to life.Over the years my work has been recognized and featured by IGN, Marvel, Guerrilla Games, Overwatch League, CNET, SCENE, Crystal Dynamics, Dreamworks Animation and more.Cosplay taught me a lot early on about the value of community, the role of creator-led content and the power of online spaces. Now, I put my decade of knowledge to use building tools and resources for cosplayers and creatives.


Let's connect about opportunities to work together.DnA Creative: Lore management, wiki creation and documentation for your projects
DnA Storefront: Notion templates and our affiliate partnership program
Future of Play Direct: Sponsorships and collaborations for our annual game showcase

Please note that mentorships and unpaid engagements are currently outside of my capacity. Thank you for your understanding.